mardi 21 juin 2011

Appeal to candidacy for trade show during FITE 2012

We suggest you participating in the trade show of the FITE. The event will take place in Clermont-Ferrand on September 15-16th. Craftsmen, designers, stylists, you can propose your products in the sale and also present your approach.

HS_Projets is an association valuing the exchanges of ideas, know-how and experiences on the questions relative to the heritage and to the cultural dynamics Extra European.

One of the projects of HS_Projets, is FITE-Festival international des Textiles Extraordinaires-FITE.

The FITE is the opportunity to invite five continents and to create an international textile platform which put in link of the actors at once of the heritage, the research, some preservation, the small business crafts, the creation, the sewing with whom we are in contact. Subjects such as the resources and their location, know how to them make and their transmission, the variability of the identities, the oppressions and the liberties will be approached by means of an exhibition to the museum Bargoin of achéologie, of carpet and textile of the city of Clermont Ferrand, and a symposium. Workshops is right now organized with schools, they will be the object of presentations on the occasion of the FITE.

You will be around thirty craftsmen, designer, stylists to participate in the trade show.

The presented production will be of quality and shall find from a big variety of part their material and their technique.

The particularity of the FITE is to open the course discovery to a public of individuals and professionals.

For more informations you can upload FITE document, at this link :

If you have any question, please, don't hesitate to contact us

crédit photo 1 : Patricia Gerimont
crédit photo 2 : David Devaleux

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