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Solo Exhibition Journeying Into Form: The Mountain Goat Wool Project Meghann O’Brien

Meghann O'Brien que vous pourrez rencontrer à Clermon-Ferrand durant le FITE, expose à la Bill Reid Gallery à partir du 13 juin 2012 
Meghann O'Brien that you may meet at Clermont-ferrand during the FITE, has a solo exhibition at the Bill Reid Gallery from June 13, 2012

About the exhibition

Following the groundbreaking exhibition Time Warp: Contemporary Textiles of the Northwest Coast mounted by  the Bill Reid Gallery in 2010-11, we are pleased to introduce Kwakwaka’wakw-Haida textile artist Meghann  O’Brien and her first solo international exhibition: Journeying Into Form: The Mountain Goat Wool Project. Curated by the
artist under the guidance of Martine Reid, Bill Reid Gallery’s Director of Content and Research, Journeying Into Form documents the transformation
of raw, unshorn
mountain goat pelts with guard hairs into  pure white cloud-like balls of drafted wool, which are then thigh-spun into weft yarn. This was a journey that has  transformed Meghann and her work. She discovered the world of the mountain goat and the real and symbolic  qualities of the animal and its wool, in her words “the essence of what the robes are made of.” The exhibition will  tour to France, where Meghann will participate in the International Festival of Extraordinary Textiles (FITE) in  Clermont-Ferrand (Sept 12-16, 2012).

About the artist

Born and raised in Alert Bay, BC, Meghann O’Brien began weaving in 2007, inspired by mentors Kerri Dick, Donna Cranmer, and Beau Dick. In 2009, she was introduced to Raven’s Tail weaving and apprenticed under Sherry Dick and William White. She now lives in Prince Rupert, and is rediscovering the ancient technique of  spinning mountain-goat wool exclusively by hand for Raven’s Tail and Naaxiin (Chilkat) weaving.

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